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    Registered User Ihatecompvir's Avatar
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    PS3News RSS Reader for PS3 (right section?) first release

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    Link to download: HERE
    What this does: It's basically an RSS Reader for PS3.
    Yes, it works without modding.
    Just extract the Zip to the ROOT of a Flash Drive/USB Drive/Camera/Mp3 Player(SD CARDS WILL NOT WORK, I'VE TRIED) and go to Videos and Choose "AVCHD".

    It will then tell you the Recent Headlines on PS3News.

    For anyone who doesn't want to get on their computer to Check for any good posts.

    It's a BDJ App, so it isn't Really "REAL" homebrew (like using C, this uses Java) it's actually an official Specification of Blu-Rays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihatecompvir View Post
    It will then tell you the Recent Headlines on PS3News.
    I merged your post in our ongoing thread here and gave you +Rep. If you have a picture of it in action I will post it in the Site News as well. Cool stuff indeed.

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    I do not know very well the technology java, still less BDjava, but for those who know your opinion would be possible to use technology NYI with BDjava ? if so, NYI could possibly afford to launch C-code ouvrirai which can be a door? I do not know how to walk NYI but I know he can launch joint second language since java just like C.

    sorry for my bad english

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    I know a little bit of java myself, i was wondering if it is possible to map controls from the sixaxis to work? I would love to make a small game which could be played on the ps3.

    Just to confirm (sorry to be a dumb question), all you need is a usb stick with this data on it? You dont need a blu-ray burner w/ bluray disc? I was thrown a little by the title BD-J. Cant wait for some things to be released for this.

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    any chance an irc client could work with this?

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    Red Face

    There doesn't seem to be much interest in these BD-J game ports beyond the initial "wow, Java games on PS3" factor, so I will just add them here versus making seperate Site News posts for each.

    Attached below is the latest from Drakon called SameGame for those following... and also CHROMIUM WARS from ALIENWARE.
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    I love samegame. i remember playing this game in local pub on the megatouch.

    it would be great if there were some sound. does the java sdk support sound yet?

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    Attached below is the latest from Mythos called Snake Mod... a more modern version of the previous release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Well, here's the issue, this was actually discussed (doing something similiar) a while back.

    Aside from the whole Virtual Machine thing that the Java runs upon, which makes it nearly impossible to "break out" from, theres not a whole lot we can do.

    Sure, we can run some code in the Virtual Machine, but nothing that we can use to "escape" and gain access to the PS3.

    Not to mention, I DOUBT that Sony would not think about this and add extra safeguards against it being hacked, having HDD storage is fine, but where that storage (through the virtual machine) is assigned to the PS3 HDD is mostlikely set by the HV/Kernel, which we again don't have access to change, so we would only be able to access temporary files created right then and there.

    So, in summary, interesting but it most likely wont let us achieve our goals!
    but like the wii can't we use some of that writing codes on a save file and running it in a game ?

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    By dan369, this is a mod dubbed Pong with Simple AI. Also below is PS3 Pong with Better AI And Themes and Space Invaders 1.0 by gustav, and Flight 3D Flight Demo by nuclear bit.
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