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    PS3 Square Button Official PLaystation Magazine UK/AU has Blu Ray Demo Disk

    Monthly Blu-ray disc for Official PlayStation Magazine

    Sony Computer Entertainment and Future team up for world's first Blu-ray covermount

    11/04/07 - Future, the UK's leading games media publisher, is delighted to announce that, in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Official PlayStation® Magazine will carry the world's first monthly playable Blu-ray covermount from June onwards.

    The first playable Blu-ray disc comes with issue 7 of Official PlayStation Magazine, on sale Friday, 1st June. The disc promises to be packed with playable demos of key SCEE and third party software titles, with full details of content being announced shortly.

    As the disc develops, Future fully intends to support the advanced capabilities of the PlayStation® 3 (PS3) and the Blu-ray media, delivering multimedia content and unique user-generated content. The disc will also include Hi-Definition (HD) game and movie trailers. Official PlayStation Magazine will be the ONLY title to offer gamers a playable demo disc, direct from SCEE.

    I saw mention of the demo's being Resistance, Motorstorm, Genji and Tennis... but haven't been able to confirm that...

    I wonder if they are the same as the PSN versions, but with the disk based SELF?

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    I had a look in my local WHsmiths and I think thats the demos that were on the disc.
    You can get them from the PSN so I didn't bother buying the magazine.

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    Yes, all these demos could be downloaded... but couldn't it be valuable to the PS3 homebrew people to compare downloadable versions of demos and Blu-ray versions?

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    I bought both mags (Australian issue 7, UK Issue 8) cost me a total of $31 AU, they both have an identical loader which appears to play a similar movie to the red PS ribbon at 45 degrees in the background, and has the demo's or movies selectable from a vertical scrolling list of floating 3d rectangles.

    Some of the games appear to quit back to the Magazine loader menu after playing for example Ridge Racer, although I have not tried them all yet.

    I managed to pause the Motorstorm Demo and eject the disk and put in the other demo disk before quitting, but it took me to a black screen and I had to power cycle the ps3.

    The first disk has 4 demos. The second disk has 3 demos and 7 movies.

    All demos were previously on the PSN, although they appear to be different in some cases, Ninja Gaiden Sigma has a intro disclaimer which I don't recall from the PSN version.

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