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Thread: Official PlayStation Magazine Confirms 3D PS3 Firmware for June

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    Official PlayStation Magazine Confirms 3D PS3 Firmware for June

    Today SystemLink (linked above) has shared a scan from the latest Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM issue #45) which confirms the upcoming PS3 3D Firmware update will indeed arrive this June (likely around June 10, 2010) as previously reported.

    However, as expected, this PlayStation 3 Firmware update will only bring Sony fans 3D games for the PS3, not 3D Blu-ray just yet.

    To quote: "In Issue 45, on sale now, OPM reveal that a new Firmware, possibly 3.40, is coming to PS3 in June, during or shortly after E3.

    The only other information given is that this update will prepare your PS3 for 3D games, and another firmware update later in the year will add the same functionality to Blu-rays."

    [imglink=|Official PlayStation Magazine Confirms 3D PS3 Firmware for June][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    plains203 Guest
    It disapoints me that they will not do the 3D for movies update at the same time. There are 3D blu-rays and TV's available but not the games so the updates are back to front in my mind. I know they want to sell standalone players but samsung are bundling 3d blu-ray players with their tv's and sony are bundling ps3's why not make it 3d capable now...

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    spark32 Guest
    Didn't we already know this because of the Sony 3D TV ad stating that the PS3 would be 3D compatible upon it's release?

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    Yep, it's just another credible confirmation basically... a few previous links stating the same are above as well.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    3D takes double the processing power no matter how it's done. For crappy anaglyph 3D (red/blue/green/whatever) two images are rendered and overlap, with modern methods it takes the frame rate and splits it between each eye which is why people use 120Hz monitors/TVs, 60Hz is what it will feel like.

    Awkwardly worded but I think you guys get what I mean.

    My point is that current PS3 games are usually capped at 30fps and even they often lag and drop well below 30fps yet we're supposed to believe that Sony will have games magically working just fine in stereo 3D? Yeah right, if they think 10fps (or the feeling of 10fps) is fine, then maybe.

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    livpool Guest
    i thought the games were capped at 60fps, besides their not gonna release a game that drops fps regularly, especially killzone so don't worry about it. i'm sure they can do it if they want to and do it with enough fps.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well yeah - the "intruduction" games will include 3D Bubble Puzzle and similar ... :P

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    LIL935 Guest
    Finally on the time, but will the 3d tv be a real revolution for me after the game.. well worth more to produce and will do more time to adapt, but we now have a confirmation it's coming.

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    tjay17 Guest


    Will this need a 3dtv or will it play in 3d on a hdtv?

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    mali843 Guest
    "3d is simply too big for this not to happen at all."

    who really trusts sony now? that they took away linux and never gave us our ps2 functionality.

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