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    Just got the new OPM disk, was hoping for a Lair Demo, but instead I was pretty pissed that it was six games I already have the demo's to, Genji, Tennis, Resistance, Rub a Dub, Ridge Racer and I think the last one was Motorstorm.

    Untill I put the disk in, and found the games are in the bubble like once you've downloaded them in the background, and when you click on them they install to the Hard Drive.

    Next step is to reinstall Swiss Army Knife from PS3 news and see if you can copy them and install them off Memory stick, or rename the usual package files in some way so as to put them in the bubble and install them without going to the store.

    Also the disk shows an image and has a name and I think if I copy the config files I should be able to put backgrounds on DVD's or CD's similar to the game disks, it would be cool to have the album art show when you put a CD in...

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    Hmm, just curious.. what's the tennis game? I love tennis.

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    It's the Sega Virtua Tennis with the really annoying soundtrack and plasticy looking people in full 1080p!

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    Yeah, someone should definitely try to work on this until the ps3 is fully cracked. It sucks that I cannot download demos since i am on 1.31. This would make it an option for people like me to play some demos

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    Copied it all over to a DVD-R... nothing I was hoping for something as it felt more like a data disk than it was actually launching something... this is confirmed because there is no elf on the disk, just the config files to show which Icon to display... the pkg files are renamed INSTALL.PKG and put in a folder with a couple of icons and another config file to show the icon and appear to be the same package file that is downloaded from the PSN.

    I tried them from USB too, and no luck there either.

    I might try to make a hybrid of the save game config file and the package installer config file as they look very very similar...

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    Hopefully someone find away to load .pkg files to usb and install on ps3. Installing through wireless proxy is unreliable and slow.

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