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Thread: Obvious PS3 tricks you may have forgotten about

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    Obvious PS3 tricks you may have forgotten about

    We love illusions, things sometimes referred to as magic. Regrettably, true magic does not exist in this dimension (except for in the eyes of our innocent youth ... oh, the fools), but Sony and the PS3 have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep us imagining magic does indeed exist. The following are some obvious tricks worth mentioning that your PS3 can, in fact, do. Remember, some people might not have known these things.

    1. Play PS3 games from any country
    2. Reset your video mode by continuing to press the power button on the console when turning it on (if you have an HDMI issue, this is always a good way to re-establish a poor handshake).
    3. Tap the PS button to see your battery charge remaining (duh).
    4. Google PS3 Game Saves, save some data onto a USB, then copy it into your save data folder. Voila, you magically beat a game you don't even own!
    5. Six-person video/phone chat ... thanks PS Eye!
    6. Multiple page mode in the browser (choose to open a new window in the browser, then use L3 to toggle between pages).
    7. Easily upgradeable hard drives.
    8. Share your PS Store downloads on up to five other PS3's!
    9. Force a PS3 to show your files ... just stick stuff in folders called, verbatim, "VIDEO" or "PICTURE" -- if that doesn't work, hit triangle and choose "Display All". Though, if you're rockin' on Tversity, this isn't really necessary.
    10. Hand-in-hand with #9, you can change your album art for copied CDs using this method.

    Fairly obvious? Sure. Even so, these are the types of simple things that you'll forget to explain to the less techno-savvy when showing off your PS3. They're simple, but they can be important when trying to prove how awesome the machine is.

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    11. Force a game to display at 1080i, removing 720p from available resolutions on display setup. Some games prefer 720p over 1080i.
    12. Use L1 to go back to previous page in PSN store... obvious now, but this feature is very recent.
    13. In FW2.00, sort demos by category, pressing Triangle, Information and assigning an Album name to each demo. Then use Square to sort the games.
    14. Use PS3.Proxy.GUI to install demos/firmware updates downloaded to your PC
    15. Setup a personal page with links to your favorite sites as Home Page in the browser. You can use a free hosting site if you don't have one.
    16. Stream movies from PC to PS3 using Tversity or PiMPStreamer. Windows Media Player also does the work.

    Well these are as obvious as the first 10 trick

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    Nice additions aldostools!

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    8. Share your PS Store downloads on up to five other PS3's!
    How would you do this? I've missed this one

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