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  1. #11
    PSfan Guest
    I say Nvidia FTW!

  2. #12
    Starlight Guest
    They cannot go wrong with Nvidia, as PhysX is a great feature in pc games and will help nicely in ps3 games.

  3. #13
    caipi Guest


    Sounds really nice for PS3 developers.. Thanks for the news!

  4. #14
    sharks Guest
    wow. this is really GREAT news!

    i thought killzone2 was already using it? Well, seems like killzone3 or all new games that use the PhysX engine should look better than otherwise. This is really very hard to imagine for killzone2. So... Guerilla really did all this without PhysX?! WOW!

    And what if they optimize (which they surely will!) with PhysX?!

  5. #15
    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Big Grin Read Slowly!!!

    PhysX was available from day one people!!!! BUT NOT FREE! Just read all the comments and the initial post really, really slowly! I know I did the second time!

  6. #16
    naveenr Guest
    this is really a awesome news.. with ps3 cell power and physx calculating power this is the good news for devs...

    see more games liike mirrors edge and so... more advanced!

  7. #17
    final94 Guest
    Sorry, but i don`t see the opportunity of physx. Unfortunately, most of the games are multiplatform titles so most of the developers won`t give a damn... of a feature that only one of the system has.

  8. #18
    Starlight Guest
    PhysX will make a nice difference as it will make the environment more interactive in the games.

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