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    No Split-Screen Multiplayer for GTA4

    There's been a lot of inquiries made lately about Grand Theft Auto 4, PlayStation 3's multiplayer mode, and what types of games it will support. Among the hot topics are whether or not split-screen action will be available.

    The answer? Don't bet on it.

    Stephen Totilo of the MTV Multiplayer blog has posted recently that the feature just isn't there. He says he learned of this from Rockstar Games itself as he played a Devkit version of the game via a local network in the developer's New York City office.

    The blogger points out that limitations in hardware is a probable reason for the feature being omitted. He reasons that the sheer size of Liberty City being rendered split-screen may be a bit too much even with the hardware of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. He also points out that the feature seems less essential in an age when most people who'll be playing GTA 4 can easily have multiplayer action online.

    Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games will launch GTA 4 come April 29th. The game has already gone gold and is touted as this year's biggest software entertainment release.

    No Split-Screen Multiplayer for GTA4

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    Spli Screen would be great. I already want that for Burnout Paradise...

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    Split Screen would be really nice.. I also wanted it in UT, there its also not available!

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    Wait- What? When has GTA ever had a Split Screen multiplayer mode? I thought GTA:SA's method of displaying both players worked really well.

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    but then again, with hd games splitting the screen will lose out on quality compared to full screen play.

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    no, the resolution is still 1080, why the quality should be lost?

    you just see "one half" two times...

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    My understanding is that the PS3 version would have split-screen, whilst the 360 version would not. If this is no longer the case, it is only a minor dissapointment for me, since I have no friends.

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