I got an extra HDD for Christmas for my Playstation. It is 80 GB. I had a 10 GB partition on my stock 60 GB HDD. It worked fine. I formatted it for all PS3 system, and then formatted the 80 GB for linux. I then installed YDL in the same exact way that I did on my other hard drive. Everything went fine, and I was very happy until the sound card detection check. I am using HDMI and two sound cards are detected, (one is SPDIF.) There is no sound output on my HDMI. I then tried component, and no sound on that either. Then I tried composite, and there is no sound output on that either. Finally I tried an optical cable, and there is still no sound! What is wrong? I even reinstalled YDL only to have the same problem! Maybe it's my HDD? Should I use my 60 GB for otheros and 80 GB for PS3OS? Please help!

EDIT -- For some reason sound works in mplayer! I am using sdl in mplayer. What do you think the problem is?

EDIT II ---- Sorry about this. But I just noticed that the sound is really crappy quality. It's like it's reverberating or something. And a lot of static