After the new Famitsu scans were released, we got the exciting news that Toriyama is hoping to give the fans a glimpse of the game in the form of a demo sometime this year. He also stated that 2008 will be the year that we finally get solid details on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Somehow down the line this is been misinterpreted by many game sites, specifically Joystiq, that Tetsuya Nomura (Character designer) has promised the game will release in 2008. This, infact, is rather wrong. First, it's isnt even Nomura speaking, it's Motomu Toriyama, the games director. Instead he says that he hopes he can show the public a demo of Final Fantasy XIII this year. This is neither a promise or a release date. Another site Gamernode also makes an even worse mistake by publishing that Nomura stated this in an interview with Joystiq, which again is wrong because all the information comes from the new Famitsu scans.

Joystiq go on to say that Nomura has also promised a demo for the Playstation Network "a while before the games release", which is also false. Again, Nomura isn't even mentioned in the article and the Playstation Network isn't mentioned once. There might well be a demo on the Playstation Network at some point, but this article certainly does not confirm it for this year.

This has of course lead to "FFXIII IN 2008 OFFICIAL CONFIRMED!!" and "PSN DEMO OF FFXIII CONFIRMED!" which is going to leave a lot of people disappointed. By no means will Final Fantasy XIII "never" come out in 2008, it just hasn't been stated or even nearly officially confirmed at this time.

Check out our site translator's translation of the articles here, as well as the translated scans and original scans (If you can read Japanese) in our gallery.

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