Today PR/Marketing Coordinator Nao Zook of NIS America, Inc has announced that Trinity Universe for PS3 releases tomorrow on the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

To quote: I'm back to remind you that Trinity Universe will be shipped for the PS3 tomorrow!

When there are two main characters with their own stories, it is usually the case that one gets more attention. Kanata (the male character) has been getting more attention, I believe. So today, I want to talk about something special for other main character, Rizelea!

If you start with Rizelea's story, you can utilize the Meteorite Workshop. Meteorites are cosmic stones and crystals that drift to the Netheruniverse. Well, they drift throughout space, so it isn't just for the Netheruniverse.

There are many different kinds and types of Meteorites, and you can strengthen your characters' parameters by equipping them. Expand upon their natural strengths or compensate for their weaknesses - it's up to you.

Equipping Meteorites on your Planetary Rings sometimes give you special effects, called Planetary Effects, such as regaining HP every battle turn, or nullifying certain elemental attacks - don't underestimate Meteorites!

In order to utilize Meteorites, you will need to have various types of Mana and Souls. You can obtain Mana through battle when you use weapons with corresponding Managraphics. Souls are obtained by efficiently taking out different types of monsters.

How you place the Meteorites determine what Planetary Effects you will receive. And here is one important tip: the closer you place Meteorites to the core of the Planetary Rings, the more effective that Meteorite will be. It's important to strategically place your Meteorites.

There is more information on the official Trinity Universe Web site, so make sure to stop by. You'll not only learn game information, but you can also get special Trinity Universe wallpapers and read comics. If you want to start your Monday with a little giggle, these comic strips will be perfect for that. :-)

Thank you again for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it! P.S. NIS America will be having a booth at Anime Expo in Los Angeles! So if you are planning to visit there, make sure to visit booth #203! Hope to see you there!

[imglink=|NIS Announces Trinity Universe for PS3 Releases Tomorrow][/imglink]
[imglink=|NIS Announces Trinity Universe for PS3 Releases Tomorrow][/imglink]
[imglink=|NIS Announces Trinity Universe for PS3 Releases Tomorrow][/imglink]
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