Ninja Gaiden Sigma has already come tantalizingly close to "BEST GAME EVAR" status with some of the more ardent 1UP action lovers. What could possibly improve on this revitalized classic? Downloadable content, baby, that's what! Tecmo revealed more info on the downloadable content that's in store for the game in the coming months.

The new challenges will come in the form of three special "Survival Mode" downloads, the first of which is scheduled for release in September. Here's how the mode will work, in the order of its levels will be released in:
  • Weapon Master -- Five separate Survival Modes where Ryu is challenged to live through waves of enemies using specific weapons.

  • Speed Master -- Five more trials, but this time your fighting power is significantly cut forcing players to focus on jumping around in that impressive ninja way.

  • Rachel Master -- The name says it all here. Sure, maybe you've been messing with Ryu long enough to rock some bad guy faces under the oppresive conditions of the previous Survival Modes, but can you handle it with newcomer Rachel?

Each of these different variations will also have a World Ranking system. Tecmo has not revealed any pricing info for the downloads, but we'll keep you updated the moment they do.

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