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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up Nice tool! One question thought...

    Nice app this BRDgen, it can open ps3 isos!

    After playing a little with this tool, I found that some isos have a file called "SND0.AT3" in PS3_GAME directory and some donot.

    What is SND0.AT3 file exactly doing?


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    Dec 2006
    looks like the file that has the sound track 0 in at3 format. other games might be using a different file naming convention.

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    any method to bring the sound in another format?

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    i think this is sound track format.

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    .at3 extension seems like a Atrack3 format to me.

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    Dec 2007
    yes is a atrack3 format

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    It is the sound that plays when you scroll over the disc.

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    it's a nice feature tough, i think that it may come in handy to translate the subtitles from some games to another language.

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    Nice tool for understanding of file structure PS3... and file extentions...

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