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    PS Button Color NHL 2K7 (USA) dumped; No Blu-ray Checks yet!!

    Update: We also have several new Wii iSOs dump releases to report as well today, as follows: Marvel_Ultimate_Alliance_PAL_Wii-PARADOX (NFO File), Far_Cry_Vengeance_PAL_Wii-PARADOX (NFO File), Call.of.Duty.3.PAL.WII-SUSHi (NFO File), Tony.Hawks.Downhill.Jam.PAL.WII-SUSHi (NFO File), and WarioWare_Smooth_Moves_PAL_Wii-PI (NFO File).

    Today the GODS at Paradox have released another nice PS3 iSO dump- specifically NHL2K7_USA_PS3-PARADOX! Contrary to popular belief, they have also confirmed that there are presently NO Blu-ray Media Checks in any current PS3 title in the release NFO File as follows:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Should Blu-Ray games have a media detection system so i can |
    | burn smaller images to a regular dvd disc? Dr. Phil told |
    | us. You sure can burn them on a regular dvd since sofar they |
    | are not protected like the old fasion PS2 disc's |
    | And if they do it in the future, GOD knows how to fix it :-) |
    Those interested can discuss this exciting news in our New Release from PARADOX NHL 2K7 !!! Forum thread, and today's PSP releases will follow below soon!

    In X-Box 360 news, resident coder fattysc has shared with us a Layer Break Maker in THIS ongoing X-Box 360 Chat Forum thread. To quote:
    I know sometimes backups don't come with the proper .dvd or that people don't know how to make one. Sometimes people don't know how to manually enter the layerbreak information. So I made this little program that will make the .dvd file for you. It supports the two main image formats I have seen (.000 and .iso).

    1: Open LayerBreakMaker.exe.
    2: Select your Xbox 360 image.
    3: Place the .dvd that was created in the same folder as the Xbox 360 image.

    Pretty simple right?
    fattysc also shared XBEFIXGUI today in our XBEFIXGUI released! Forum thread, which he states:
    You must have xbefix in the same directory as XBEFIXGUI.
    You must also have the default.exe in the same directory.

    1: Open XBEFIXGUI.exe
    2: Press Find - Fix XBE

    Pretty simple right?
    In other X-Box 360 news today, out4it shared with us a handy How to Create an Xbox 1 game for 360 Tutorial- nice job!

    PSP Releases: PSP Installer v0.1 For PSP and CWCheat Database Editor v0.3 For PSP.
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