Want to know what actual players think of superstitions like the Madden curse? Speaking with Switched, Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints,Michael Strahan of the New York Giants, Marshall Faulk of the St.Louis Rams, Mario Williams of the Houston Texans, and Steven Jacksonof the St. Louis Rams talked about their thoughts on the Madden series, detailed their thoughts on the supposed curse, in-game player statistics, and if they're as good players virtually as on the field.

Reggie Bush, who had a fantastic rookie season and was rumored to be apotential cover candidate for MaddenNFL 08, wouldn't take a stand on the curse, but did say that "If Vince [Young] survives this year withoutgetting hurt, then I'll consider it. If he gets hurt, I'm not gonna doit. Steven Jackson had no reservations. "Whenever they ask meI definitely accept the honor. Until then, I'll just keep putting upbig years and eventually it'll happen," he said.

While opinions on the curse differ, there wasone thing all the players could agree on -- their player ratings werewack. Here's the rundown:
  • Strahan: "You know? EA --they're not fair. Not fair at all. My rookie year, I was the worstplayer on the team. I was worse than guys on the practice squad andI'm the draft pick, a second rounder. What happened is that whenyou're a rookie, your numbers are going to be a little bit lowerbecause you've got to establish yourself in the league."
  • Bush: "This is really bothering me. I've got a 97 playerspeed, 98 agility, 98 acceleration, 85 toughness and 99 juke move.Now, how does that average out to an 87? Four high 90's and one 85averages out to an 87 overall. It just doesn't add up. I'm not amathematician, but something ain't adding up right. Somebodymiscounted."
  • Faulk: "Obviously we know the ratings aren't as realisticas [they are for the real-life] players."
  • Jackson: "Well, after the season we put together -- after aPro Bowl season -- I'm expecting to be in the 90's area or we're gonnahave to make a phone call."Williams: "Every time I came off the line using myself Iwas getting knocked down and pancaked. I had just never seen thatbefore. Everybody falls down now and then -- but this was like everyother play. So I don't know. We need to correct that."

Remember, these guysare complaining about their own stats -- of course they're goingto take issue with being rated lower than other players!

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