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Thread: Next Killzone 2 BETA to be Even More Open to the Public

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    wicked insanity Guest

    Next Killzone 2 BETA to be Even More Open to the Public

    Killzone 2, the highly anticipated new shooter from Guerilla Games, is currently in its second BETA phase. I contacted Yvonne Von Berg to talk about the possibility of acquiring a BETA key to write an impressions preview.

    Her response wasn't what I hoped for, but I found out some important info regarding the third phase of the games BETA testing. Yvonne Says:

    "Good Morning Paddy,

    The current beta testing phase, is the second of three and is not open to the public; phase three will be a lot more open so please keep an eye on our forums and for news,

    Kind regards,

    Yvonne Von Berg"

    So keep active on and their forums to have a chance at getting into the third phase of the BETA, and hopefully an opportunity to destroy the Helghast menace before the games release in 2009.

    More info soon on Killzone 2's trophys and gameplay features as it develops. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    loverboifreak Guest
    im really hoping i can get into this beta. dude if i can that would be awesome!

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