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  1. #11
    Adamska777 Guest
    thanks for the updates..

  2. #12
    detectionrange Guest
    I expected a lot more from sony, no new themes?

  3. #13
    mmmsjm Guest
    Same here

  4. #14
    sofocle80 Guest
    Go Sony goooo!

  5. #15
    DoctorMikeReddy Guest
    They should have injected some Vita love (i.e. links between, etc) as the PSV needs some boost IMHO

  6. #16
    dananglabs Guest
    thanks for the info, really helpful


  7. #17
    Brenza Guest
    detectionrange do you still expect somthing from $ony???

  8. #18
    neoWhite Guest
    agreed. No one cares about the Vita right now.

  9. #19
    mike242009 Guest
    Thanks for the updates, it's a good one but was expecting a little more.

  10. #20
    bellvsnaruto123 Guest
    no not right sony can be mean at times

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