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Thread: New Sony PlayStation Releases for the Week of September 24, 2013

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    New Sony PlayStation Releases for the Week of September 24, 2013

    Sony Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements is here with the new PlayStation video game releases for the upcoming week today, as follows:

    Soccer and giant robots - a deadly combination. This week will see the launch of some hotly anticipated titles.

    FIFA 14 brings a host of new features to the pitch, including realistic ball physics, enhanced teammate intelligence for better decision making, and precision movement. Of course, the Ultimate Team mode returns to give gamers superb control of their customized soccer experience.

    But FIFA 14 isn't the only soccer game in town. The long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series continues with Pro Evolution Soccer 14.

    PES 14 brings along tremendous improvements and new features to the world of soccer, with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, the new Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.), and even an emotional hook - in-game players will now react mentally to the flow of the game and affect their performance.

    If you aren't much of a soccer fan, fear not - you can always take a giant battle mech out for a spin. Armored Core: Verdict Day ushers in tons of new content for Armored Core fans, including 90 new missions, more than 150 customizable unit parts, and improved online matchmaking. Those of you that need just a taste of dystopian sci-fi action, look no further.

    Check below for a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation - including a few classic PS2 games - and enjoy the Drop.

    New PlayStation Releases This Week

    Armored Core: Verdict Day
    PS3, Retail, PSN
    Command a squadron of robots in a dystopian future across 90 new missions.

    FIFA 14
    PS3, PS Vita, PSP, Retail, PSN
    Realistic ball physics, precise movement, and the return of Ultimate Team Mode for this classic soccer series.

    Girl Fight
    PS3, PSN
    An all-female cast of fighters battle in virtual 3D arenas.

    Lone Survivor: Director's Cut
    PS3, PS Vita, PSN
    Psychological survival adventure with new items, locations, and endings.

    The Mark of Kri
    PS2 Classic, PSN
    Travel the path of a warrior. Stylistic action and violence set in a lush world.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
    PS3, Retail, PSN
    A new beginning for PES with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, and in-game player emotion.

    Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri
    PS2 Classic, PSN
    A puzzle platformer with expanded features from the PSP version (and lots of adorable robots!).

    Note: the information above is subject to change without notice.

    [imglink=|New Sony PlayStation Releases for the Week of September 24, 2013][/imglink]
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