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    New Sony Chilean PS3 Ads Are Deemed Creepy and Distasteful

    Today several Web sites are reporting news of a recent Sony Chilean PS3 ad campaign that is being called both creepy and distasteful.

    The ads depict both a modern gamer giving a blood transfusion to Nazi officer Erwin Rommel and giving a heart transplant to Joan of Arc.

    To quote: "While things are approving around the world in terms of Sony ads, Chile seems to be a bit behind. They have two of the scariest and creepiest Sony ads ever created.

    One showing a blood transfusion of a hip young man with a Nazi and the second is apparently a heart transplant of some sort during the medieval times.

    The message these are trying to convey isn't clear, but if I saw these in a magazine I'd wonder what exactly Sony is trying to tell me."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    I'd really like to know who comes up with this crap..

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    Agreed.. it almost seems as though they try to come up with controversial things like this just to generate interest/attention for their misguided viral marketing.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Kinda nice!

    I actually like these ads!

    It could be translated with infusing life into old, "memorable times". I actually think the whole heart transplant ad is very good, in terms of idea and design. It's not that good, actually disastrous if you think these ads could be posted in public places, where little children might see them...

    But apart from that it's OK!

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    According to Engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/01/s...-and-not-real/), Sony says this was a 'mock campaign' and not real:
    This creative design did not involve and was never approved by Sony Computer Entertainment or Sony.

    This "mock campaign" was developed by BBDO Chile staff and was submitted to various creative competitions/festivals without prior notification or approval from SCE/Sony, and it is not representative of the views or advertising policies of SCE/Sony.

    BBDO Chile apologizes for using this creative concept without authorization or prior approval, and for its misrepresentation of the PlayStation brand and its values.

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    joseberrio Guest
    this woulda been nice if they did something nice with it, like a modern gamer giving a blood transplant to kratos or something like that, meaning we are giving life to these characters, this coulda been good, but i guess they did it in the wrong way. anyway cool idea, bad way to do it tho!

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    LittleJay Guest
    I think you've got the wrong idea about these mockups.. It actually looks like the heart is being transplanted into the gamer and likewise with the blood transfusion.

    His feet are tied down and hes got his hands behind his head, yet her arms are dangling by her side and her feet aint tied down.
    just my two cents

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