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    Stick Out Tongue New Release from PARADOX NHL 2K7 !!!

    To quote from the NFO file:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Should Blu-Ray games have a media detection system so i can |
    | burn smaller images to a regular dvd disc? Dr. Phil told |
    | us. You sure can burn them on a regular dvd since sofar they |
    | are not protected like the old fasion PS2 disc's |
    | And if they do it in the future, GOD knows how to fix it :-) |

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    With that info now available, who wants to try burning PS3 dumps that will fit to a standard DVDR and hot-swapping them with the original on the PS3? HEHE I'm sure someone will... although you would have to break your PS3 warranty to attempt it.

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    I want a ps3 iso loader now.

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    They are stating/confirming that there are no Blu-ray Disc (the media itself) Checks yet being used... meaning that if you were to successfully 'swap' an original PS3 game disc with one of the same title properly dumped and burned to a DVDR (obviously few will actually fit) then it should allow you to continue running the PS3 game via DVDR.

    In the PS2 scene, this is how it started where there were no Media Checks for the DVD/DVD9 games. Then, as people began ripping PS2 DVD games to CDR $ony added in special code 'checks' to ensure the game would only play FROM A PRESSED DVD (original). Then, the hackers identified these special "Media Checks" and found the routines to patch... defeating the extra protection and allowing you to once again run ripped PS2 DVD games from a CDR.

    Hopefully this clears it up some...

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    That is a good question... no word yet if +R or DVD9 media would also work. However, if there are no media checks, it may be safe to ASSUME any media the PS3 is capable of reading could theoretically work.

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    Well there is no PS3 "Swap Magic" Disc(s) yet so I don't believe so... since the current Swap Magic will only allow you to boot into 'PS2 Mode' on a PS3 console. So no, you wouldn't be able to boot a PS3 DVDR using Swap Magic (PS2) discs on a PS3 if that is what you were referring to... but I'm sure in coming days/weeks/months some kind of PS3 'swap' discovery will be made...

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    In light...

    In light of this recent information I am going to attempt several new attempts @ playing backups...

    Going to burn Fight Night: Round 3 to DVD right now...
    I'll be back in 25 minutes with intial trial informations.

    More to come,

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    Conclusion: The manner by which the PS3 games a "secured" is by the disk it self...I really don't feel there is any security there what so ever...aside from being UDF 2.5 I believe...
    The biggest squeeze is the "location" of the disk as it is passed to management system.

    Basically I would explain it as so... might be wrong (With precedence top to bottom)
    Mnt-->CDROM--PS3-GAME-->Files (Though not encrypted or anything special probably has to not fall into the order directories and must contain eboot.bin)

    What I tried is during FNR3 you can easily eject the disk the game continues to play...the I placed the DVD-Burned in...played some more of the round, paused it... it freezes (sorta)... then I ejected the burned copy and placed the Original in and it started to play fine, tried this in several areas... with no success....
    BUT I'm going to keep trying...

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    Question Update

    Just noticed the DVD FS was readable in windows....(Bad thing) so I'm going to try another burn...different style

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

    Sounds good- keep us posted hacked2123! If I had the heart (and the balls) to tear open my PS3 I would 'experiment' some too... but I don't, at least not yet!

    Also, if you leave the burned copy in after the first swap and continue to play using it (without reverting back to the original) does it ever freeze on its own? Or only if you pause it to do the second ejected/detected swap?


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