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    Registered User NDT's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Who said anything about swap magic?
    It was an example to make ppl understood that if you start with a media and swap with another disc the console continue reading the disc like the starting media type, so with the laser wave length for that media type (swap magic worked in this way).

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    Rumor: Fight Round 3 USA PS3-PARADOX is working ?

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    Been ready about this and i have heard that if you burn it to a DVD is loads no problem, i have got this release so i am unable to try. They may be a siily statement but has any1 tested it ??

    I have read that it boots straight up dont know what application it has been burned with.

    dont shoot the messenger

    Edit: I haven't got the release.

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    It wont boot up if you just rip the .ISO with linux and then write it to a DVD-R via the PC.

    If I get bored today, I may just try it.

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    will let you all know if the next 2 hrs im just getting it..

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    I merged the Fight Round 3 USA PS3-PARADOX thread here... it's the same issue/topic, just a different title. And no, unless you have PDX's special loader/mod you won't be able to run the PS3 back-ups yet. They told me directly it's not possible simply by swapping discs, etc. But feel free to post any experiments here... just to stir up some discussion.

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    burnt iso with nero and never worked.

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    Good signs so early on Hopefully we'll get an iso loader similar to daemon tools on a pc. Would be really nice Don't need to worry about BD media being expensive

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    Hello Everybody, Do you need linux installed on the ps3 to use this iso ps3 loader?

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    PS3 Triangle Button

    There is no PS3 iSO Loader publically released yet... so nobody knows at this point. :??

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    I imagine the ISO loader (if/when it happens) will have to be run from the gameos as in linux you don't have access to the RSX.

    So, in answer to that question. I doubt linux is required.


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