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Thread: New PS3 Slim Model (CECH-4000 / CECH-4001x) Registered at FCC

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    The 16gb model can actually be a few things.

    1) It can be an attempt at a cloud based system.
    2) The 16gb will be cheaper and more for people who have large hdds for their ps3 (what is the point on spending $300 on a ps3 with 250gb when you can get one for $200 and swap an already existing hdd into it?)
    3) It is one of the biggest troll we've seen from Sony.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    16 GB HDD is simply nonsense - you can't even get drice of such small capacity anyway and even if you would they'll cost much more than common drives with capacities in range of hundreds GBs. So it's eihter a "typo" and should be really 160 GB or it will be a SSD drive / flash storage instead.

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    isotrex Guest
    Cheaper version of the PS3 from the looks of it. I'm estimating $200. There was a 20gb model among the launch phat consoles. It's no surprise this will be cheaper and focused more on security update perhaps.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Bring you some more pics. Doesn't look that ugly, eeh?

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    Foo Guest
    It looks like they're trying to make this look ugly so whoever buys it looks bad or something. Sheesh...

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    StanSmith Guest
    So for "security reasons" they have removed the bluray drive and all LEDs and what else have they removed or made extremely cheap?
    This looks as bad as the last PSP.

    So Sony are going from a nice looking 60GB unit to ugly and cheap as crap console.
    Cant wait to see the Vita slim...

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    elser1 Guest
    actually doesn't look to bad to me. as long as it plays games i don't care but i still prefer the launch model as most do. thanks for the new photos mate.

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    dogggg Guest
    i agree... its not THAT ugly.. but no thanks... i already have 2-Lunch-PS3s n both of em' are jailbroken... and recently bought the slim version for online and for new games like Max Payne 3

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    Hawkstriker Guest
    I love the top loading disk tray and the design overall. I think this is how they should've done the PS3 Slim to begin with!

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    moja Guest
    I kinda like the window mod look on top. Hope they release a swap loader like the PS2. The footprint makes it easier to stash somewhere. Should be <=$199.

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