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    Apr 2005

    New PS3 Slim CECH-2500A Hits Japan, More Eco-Friendly Model

    This weekend a new PS3 Slim model CECH-2500A complete with a 160GB PlayStation 3 hard disk drive hits Japan, and based on a comparison the updated revision is slightly more eco-friendly too!

    As reported previously, a PS3 HDMI cable will also be included with the new PS3 model along with 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR that was first announced pre-E3.

    According to a comparison chart from JustPushStart.com (linked above), the PS3 CECH-2500A will also save the environment and video gamers money as it runs slightly more efficiently than previous PlayStation 3 models.

    Those interested can check out the greener PS3 comparison chart below.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    swolern Guest


    When is this model coming to US?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    None of them is really eco-friendly on stanby though Not the best design IMO. Top HTPCs can do less than 0.5 W and most of the electronis and PCs between 1 - 2 W. This is the worst "new-ish" device I know of in regards of standby consumption ...

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    9 watts in standby mode?!?

    WTF... Multiply that by 365, no wonder my hydro bill is so high since i got ps3!

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    shummyr Guest
    Yea, the ps3 is one of the biggest power hogs no matter how you cut it.

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