The fact that the PS3 didn't come with HDMI cables is one of the reasons why I hate it. When you shell out $600 for a "high definition entertainment revolution" you expect it to come with a way to connect it to your TV. After all, the Xbox 360 at nearly half the price included component cables.

But it didn't, and I had to spend 45 minutes going back to the store, and spent $35 on a 3 foot HDMI cable. I ordered a 10ft hdmi cable for $6 shipped off ebay, and returned that overpriced cable a week later. Since the cable was $6 shipped, I know that the cost to Sony to include one couldn't be more than a dollar or two. And this was three years ago.

I always figured it was a deal Sony had with the retailers. I know that retailers pay about what I did for the cables, and then charge multiple times that to consumers with the rest being pure profit.

Maybe if Sony had included a cable from the beginning I wouldn't hate them so much, but then again, they still would have trampled on consumers rights by removing Linux.