Update: Today WAB released their WAB PSP Skin Changer v0.01, and 2CH released the PSP 2CH Stand-Alone Browser. At this time, the browser only allows you to navigate to the author's Japanese Web site but it's a nice start.

GameSpot.com posted some interesting PS3 pictures that were part of the PlayStation Meeting Report recently, including PS3 hardware, DEV Kits, and new games! Those interested in checking them out can do so directly from the following pages: Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3.

In other news today, PSP PPF Patch Collection 5 is now available for those interested along with PSP Hook Boot v0.90 Launcher. Remember to use PPF-O-MATiC 3.0 to Patch the PPF files, and post all related feedback in our PSP Chat Forum. Have a nice day folks!