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    PS3 Square Button The new PS3 pics...

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    Well, after looking at the PS3 screens that admin posted, I must say I'm not impressed. When I read that PS3 should be around 1000x faster than PS2, I didn't expect to see JUST what high-end gamer PCs have been able to render for over a year (In a few of the pictures, I'd say a few years). Seriously, I thought we were gonna get close to photo-realism this time...
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    I thought some looked quite cool/detailed... but maybe that is because I don't have/play any PC games here, and as you mentioned they do seem more like high-end PC graphics only. I guess we all await some more (and hopefully even nicer) pics though!

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    I dont know man... only that heavnly sword or whatever seemed like it had nice graphics, but the game didnt seem cool at all. That possesion game looks bad graphically.... even for the ps2. I hope they do better with MGS4 and GT5.

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    Take heart though in the fact that the first generation of games for a system never hold a torch to the later generations of games. Let the programers get comfortable and I'm sure we'll see some of that photorealism you're looking for.

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    I am not expecting much either for the launch titles. You have to wait a couple years after a system is released to see what its peak potential becomes.

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    Yes as anything new it will take a little time to get it right,also depends on how good that company makes the graphics for that game,some company`s will have better graphics in their games than other company`s as we see now in games,but i`m sure they will find the PS3`s full power capablity in graphic`s as metioned already by the other members,and if not then we won`t be any further ahead much than we are now.

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    I completly understand (who'd-a-thunk the difference between the likes of Timesplitters and Metal Gear Solid 2, eh? [I still remember the e3 it came out and everyone was convinced the game was running on a Cray supercomputer]). Its just that with 1,000x the power of the PS2 (obviously a overblown statement), I expected at least SOMETHING to floor me. Maybe I should wait to see a actual video before I make my first impression judgement...

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    Keep in mind also that they have over a year to polish things up in these games. Also keep in mind that the next gen consoles aren't that much better than a high end PC, for instance the PS3 will probaly have a GeForceFX 7600 or so. Maybe the next round of systems will have that photorealism you want.

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    Ya HEHE, the Nintendo Revolution doesn't look much fancier, at least in the alleged "leaked BETA screenshot" attached below of it.
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    The screeshots are tight dudes. I am glad because the visual design look al lot better than game on the PS2.


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