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    Registered User ayalove's Avatar
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    Itz justscreenshots right, haven't seen the real thing yet. So can't decide whether isz crap or not i guess. Time will tell

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    Ok so take midnight club 1 launch title from ps2 and compare to gt4 or midnight club 3. HUGE diff, these games at launch althou they have like a year to be finished will looks really good, but what do you expect when the best graphics are hl2 and unreal 3 engine stuff on pc. the people are almost like porting over cuz they dont know how to utilize the new next gen stuff yet. like everyone says, with time will come the great photo realistic games, or when a company actually puts time into making one.

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    being doning some searchin about ps3 and found these pics there for next gen console could they be ps3??someone enlighten
    ok done some more searchin and found out it is actually a ps3 game called 2 Days to Vegas
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    dtv_2.jpg   dtv_4.jpg   dtv_6.jpg   dtv_10.jpg   dtv_11.jpg  

    dtv_12.jpg   dtv_14.jpg   dtv_15.jpg   dtv_16.jpg   dtv_17.jpg  

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    they are just press shots for some next gen game that will be on both ps2 and xbox2 systems...

    no real way to know from which exactly since all teh screenshots for nextgen are just generic ones

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    wow those screen shot looks great

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    i think they look good. but could look WAY better, gl to the developers on making some crazy awesome looking games..oh yea.. my friend told me mgs4 is gonna "preview" at e3!!! how sweet it that gonna be. I finish finals and then E3..uhhhh sweet!

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    The ps2 does have 2 options to help psx games, the "better graphics" and "faster loading". from testing i think the better gfx one just takes out the jaggies psx had, like for twisted metal 1 it was GREATLY improved, look very smooth instead of jaggie on edges of cars and things. and of course the faster loading for most games was nice too.

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    The 'Fast Loading' option screws up nearly every game I've tried it in (mostly streaming games). The 'smoothing texture' works quite well, but doesn't make PS1 games look nearly as nice as running it through ePSXe or something...

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    I never got metal gear to work right with either setting....:P

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    Before I got Twin Snakes, I used the smoothing option every time and it worked great :PPP


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