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    PS3 Triangle Button New PS3 firmware 1.11 available!

    I tried to look for info about it on the sony site but nothing. It seems to be only available via a PS3 units update menu item. I'm currently downloading it but I only have a slow wifi connection for my ps3 so it might take a while before I can give any more info. If someone else with a wired connection can download it faster and give us info faster...

    Probably just some launch bug fixes but who know!

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    Interesting- Thanks for the news Isamu966!

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    haha i knew someone was gonna post, which was why i refrained from posting (less forum clutter) anyways, i started updating 20 minutes ago and im only at 49%... im on wired network sooo.... i think its either their server or the file size is big.

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    nothing is said about the update as i am reading the update text

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    Figures, right after I do a complete format to fix the "blue screen error". I bet they fixed it too. Hope we get some juicy new features because this thing is pretty huge. I'm on a decent wireless connection and it looks like it's going to take 15 minutes plus.

    Thank you for the heads up.

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    Wow, I'm a bit nervous. It hit 90% and zoomed up ridiculously quickly to 93% then instantly hit 100%. Hope nothing gets corrupted.

    Aaaand...everything seems ok. Installation has started....I'll report back if there are any noticeable changes. If not, I won't be posting here unless I find info from somewhere else.
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    xerxes on iRC just mentioned that apparently it fixes some trouble with using hdmi for video and optical to an av receiver, and that they've also added an account management icon under the network tab... no official confirmation yet though on the full changes. :??

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    Well bedtime so I could only look quickly but was there always an Account management above your account name and Avatar? there wasn't what I hoped for which was the scale up for games, at least for Resistance. I tried looking up the manual from the ps3 and the instructions are still for 1.10. Hope they give us the heads up by tomarrow morning or else I'll have nothing to read during class tomarrow. hehe.

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    Hmm... is that it for sure then? I'm not updating mine yet, so I can't verify

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    PS3NEWS, I can't verify if the optical output bit is true or not because I have HDMI all the way and Optical out from my set, but the account management bit is definitely true. I bet the rest are just bug fixes and the like.


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