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    That's a lot of PS3s and some hefty power, only if they were fully unlocked they'd have more potential. you never know.. Sony may have given them fully unlocked PS3s as its for research.

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    SKYNET may be fully aware, but i doubt very much that sony are. (At least they don't seem to have any awareness as to how to treat customers)

    But that's a bit off topic - I'd love to see the close up of these PS3's with the JB in the usb slots! hahaha

    You have to wonder how much their power consumption is - that many PS3's and the Airconditioning unit they'd need to keep them all from YLODing

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    Does anyone know if it would be possible to add our own PS3s to that cluster through some kind of CFW link up? I doubt the USAF would reveal any info regarding it, but what do the experts think? Perhaps we could contact them and try to see just how much power we would be able to link up? I wonder whether if we set an event, would we make top 10?

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    can someone explain in laymen's terms how clustering machines together would increase operational capability? for instance what can you get out of combining the same exact hardware thousands of times over instead of upgrading hardware components.

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    its for cpu intensive tasks like rendering (or in this case near real time image processing). The cell is a monster for tasks like this in linux as all spe's are idling just waiting for something to do. clustering many ps3's together means more spes to spread the work load around and hence reduce processing time and if there is less demand you can just disconnect a few ps3's to save power.

    It's exactly the kind of operation the cell was designed for and why linux on the ps3 is actually a big deal.

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