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Thread: New PS3 Condor Supercomputer is Now Fully Online

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    chrykel Guest
    Hmm is sony in breach of their own contract?... *hint hint graf*

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    Just wait until the US DoD decides to make a similar kind of supercomputer and sony refuses them consoles that give full access to the RAM and the HV... graf is gonna love his new job then...

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    CelticNinja Guest
    quite frankly I don't care, I did when OtherOS was an option for everyone, now if they mentioned they used bootos/asbestos on these machines, then I'd like this.

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    darkneovamp Guest
    So will sony be going after the government now for hacking the ps3? lol

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    barrybarryk Guest
    They don't need full access to the PS3's other hardware to do this. It's the cell they're after and you already have full access to it. The RAM and RSX are irrelevant in a setup like this that's why the PS3 is ideal for it.

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    whompus60 Guest
    Based on the later happenings with sony. We find out there pr dpt is prone to lie. Can we be sure there was ever a unit sold at a loss?

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    Ni72ous Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by alchybear View Post
    sony would not help them with this cuz they tried to say this is why they stops other os, and not only that they don't even have a good service for help.
    I think i read that sony will still supply government and research bodies with otheros enabled consoles.

    Edit: my memory must be going bad, ps3's used in another cluster i was thinking about were obtained via a third party and not sony.

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    matrixdts Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mbb View Post
    I would jailbreak them all
    Yeah and me lol

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    alwayshungry Guest

    Big Grin

    Man I bet it would get hot in there in a hurry if the cooling system went down! And you can bet those things (THE CELL) are running at full speed!

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    BryanNitro Guest
    Skynet "Sony" has become self aware.

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