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    Starlight Guest

    New PlayStation Store Impressions!

    PlayStation Store. Lets face it, it would have been difficult for them to make a crappier looking/functioning store, but I think we all hoped for something fantastic.

    I don't know if I would call the new store fantastic, but it is a massive improvement. Navigating the store with the D-Pad is now quite easy, but the biggest improvement in my opinion is the way its actually set out.

    There are now categories that are easy to get to, including All Games, Game Add-Ons, Videos, PSP Games, etc.

    Unfortunately there seems to be some problems with thumbnail images loading in, but I a sure that'll be fixed.

    All in all, its a step in the right direction. Now... how about that in-game XMB? Or perhaps some Home?

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    raze88 Guest
    I just bought my PS3 yesterday, so i don't know the old Store.

    The thumbnail bug is really bad... this shouldn't be. And where is the demo section? I thought you can download game demos?

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    SrgOwnage Guest
    On the Euro PSN store all the demo's are mixed in with with all the other games there isn't a separate section like the American store, which is really stupid why cant we both have the same layout.

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    chopsuey2030 Guest
    I personally like it. It's a little easier to navigate and easier to flip through pages. The problem with icons loading is annoying though, but you can still scroll over it to see the description. Overall a good change, but nothing too revolutionary

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    Zoddi Guest
    it would be easier to navigate if they took the same sections for the euro store than on the us store. now it is also a game to find the things you want if they are not new.

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