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Thread: New PlayStation Home Spaces and a Spy is Discovered in Xi

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    New PlayStation Home Spaces and a Spy is Discovered in Xi

    A new space is on its way soon for the game inFamous. No confirmed date as to when it will be available yet but, according to Sony, players will be able to explore the Empire City and play the new inFamous themed mini-game that will test players reflex and aiming skills.

    Speaking of inFamous, the Cole costumes are now unlockable for Sony Home. Some gamers were given a glimpse of this upcoming Home space during E3 2009, check out a video a player recorded at the Sony Home booth below.

    Another space on its way to Sony Home will be a Ghostbusters-themed space by LOOT Gear who have already created the Studio Set Apartment available at the Real Estate store in the mall and now teasing the space as well as fun gear available to players on PlayStation Home.

    With a silly infomercial on YouTube and tweets on their twitter page about their upcoming "Ghostbusters" space, check it out above!

    No dates have been confirmed for the new Ghostbusters space but at the mall you can purchase complete Ghostbusters uniforms for $1.99 (Male and Female costumes) while you wait or you can purchase individual items for:

    - Uniform top for 99 cents
    - Pants for 49 cents
    - Boots for 25 cents
    - Ecto goggles for 49 cents
    - Chemical gloves for 25 cents

    - Uniform top for 99 cents
    - Uniform shorts for 49 cents
    - Boots for 25 cents
    - Ghostbusters hat for 49 cents
    - Chemical gloves for 25 cents

    More Street Fighter 4 outfits are now available for male avatars:

    Balrog wig, shirt, shorts, boxing gloves and boots for 99 cents each.
    Vega wig, mask, body top, pants, claw bracelets and shoes for 99 cents each.

    Sagat body top, trunks, hand wraps, foot wraps and eye patch for 99 cents each.

    M. Bison wig, suit top, suit bottom and boots for 99 cents each.
    Also new at the mall furniture store, players can display their favorite works of art, posters or photos on the walls of their personal spaces with picture frames now available for $2.99.

    Users can their favorite pictures by uploading the images to your photo gallery playlist located on the PlayStation menu and then importing them into the frames after placing them on the wall. The sleek grayish frames are pretty neat, players can turn them horizontally or vertically or just rotate the image within the frame and either stretch, fill or crop them into place.

    Note you can only hang as many frames as your wall space allows for example, if you own the Harbor Studio Apartment the most you can hang is four where as if you plan wisely you can hang up to six in your chamber apartment.

    There are default images available for use until you upload the images you want into your photo gallery playlist. As a reminder Sony suggests using only images that are owned by you to avoid copyright issues and other legal stuff.

    Xi: The Hub

    Over at Xi: The Hub, correspondence between the team leader Thom and a Veilcorps operative has been discovered by volunteers and the AFK hackers. With the spy found the testers are not speaking with each other in disappointment and fear of revealing any new valuable information to Veilcorps.

    In an email sent by Jachal informing players that Jess has dropped another clue on her home computer, players who have read the message will find mathematical problems to solve by exploring the different worlds on Home to answer the questions.

    A new maze has opened in Alpha Zone 3 which is similar to the riddle maze, except now you have faster ghosts chasing you not to mention tougher questions to answer to get to the goal before the ghosts find you. The only hint I can offer here is pay attention to where the ghost is moving and when he's not looking, run.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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