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    wicked insanity Guest

    New PlayStation 3 Controller Adds Touchpad Interaction

    Sony is introducing a new accessory for the PS3 controller, first announced a few months ago at Leipzig.

    Soon, gamers will be able to snap on a wireless keypad that supports typing on the Playstation 3, including texting in the new Home environment and games like LittleBigPlanet.

    In addition to the QWERTY keyboard, there are a couple of shortcut buttons - a Message Box button and a Communication button. But what's most interesting from a interaction standpoint is the new Touch Pad feature.

    The Touch Pad button allows PS3 users to use the entire surface of the keypad as a touch pad, allowing them to easily maneuver the pointer while web browsing, simply by sliding their finger on the keypad surface.

    That's pretty clever. Rather than cramming in a trackball or trackpad (making it heavier and larger), Sony extended the keyboard's use to include scrolling and mouse input. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    massiah Guest
    Yeah... I have been waiting to get my hands on one of these ever since it was announced.

    Bring that bad boy on!

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    Clever new hardware like this makes me proud to be a sony supporter, its nice having a keyboard and mouse on your console, but for those times when you just dont feel like getting them out makes this little gadget perfect.

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    sorceror Guest
    Just added this to my xmas list. I've got kids, I don't have my PSN password saved, so I have a USB keyboard hooked up to my PS3. Having one of these would make web browsing so much more usable, and free up a USB port.

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    rtlchonzk Guest
    How much does it cost?

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    flatliner404 Guest
    excellent news, I can certainly do with this...

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    nightwish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rtlchonzk View Post
    How much does it cost?
    Ive found this: SCEE’s confirmed that the PS3 controller keypad will launch in the UK on November 28, priced 25.

    And also the german price 45€ and US 50USD. Ive found ... THATS EXPENSIVE!!! for a Keypad-Clip ...


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    snareone Guest
    these things are gonna be sweet, and just in time for christmas...

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