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    New Playable Demos Avail at PS

    Announced Yesterday on IGN and such but they are now available as of 3:00pm PST or so..

    Genji, Lemmings, and Go! Sodoku


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    Ahhh cool. Always look forward to the new stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Jun 2005
    nice - i'm downloading all of them

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    Holy crap, Lemmings is only 3 bucks. Really good price.

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    Lemmings looks like it might be the next purchase. did anyone ever get blast factor? what do ya'll think of that.

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    Jul 2006
    Yeah I got Blast factor, addictive game!

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    I got Blast Factor and honestly I don't think it was worth the $7.99 or whatever I paid. It looks really nice and it's fun to play every once and a while. Also when they open up 2 player support it'll be more fun - but as of now my play of it has come to a standstill. There really isn't anything to work for or unlock and the levels don't differ too much at all from each other.

    I'd recommend the $3 Lemmings way before I'd say you should buy Blast Factor. Lemmings has always been fun, and with online user boards to compete with on every single level (50 total), you really can't go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coheedcollapse View Post
    Holy crap, Lemmings is only 3 bucks. Really good price.
    Odd, I had to pay 5.99??? still a good deal but not as good as 3.00.

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    The new Gran Tourismo Skyline Demo movie is up on the Asian PS Store..

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    Yes the Demo's were on the cheap for the first day or so and then then went upto $5.99..

    so I guess the moral to the story is to buy the demo's when the first come out, to save a couple bucks.

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