Zipper Interactive's Jeremy Dunham has revealed that the new MAG PS3 Beta launches today on PlayStation Store.

To quote: All you have to do to participate is download it when it becomes available, put your MAG disc into the PlayStation 3, and start the beta client from the "Game" section of the XMB.

Please Note: You MUST have a MAG retail disc in your PlayStation 3 in order for the MAG Beta client to work

Once you've logged on to the server and your pre-existing MAG character has been copied to its universe (don't worry, the copy-over won't affect your main character), you can then access our beta server in two separate sessions per weekday - with each session lasting four hours apiece every Monday through Friday. Listed below are the session times for multiple time zones.

Session 1

- Hawaii: 5am-9am
- Alaska: 7am-11am
- Pacific: 8am-12pm
- Mountain: 9am-1pm
- Central: 10am-2pm
- Eastern: 11am-3pm
- GMT: 3pm-7pm

Session 2

- Hawaii: 1pm-5pm
- Alaska: 3pm-7pm
- Pacific: 4pm-8pm
- Mountain: 5pm-9pm
- Central: 6pm-10pm
- Eastern: 7pm-11pm
- GMT: 11pm-3am

We will limit the number of players that can access the beta environment for the first few days of launch to track stability and increase that player limit as we progress. If you get a message that the server is full, try back again later!

Now that you're here, there are a number of areas that we'd love for you to test:

- An increased level cap
- The new economy system
- Our revamped skill tree

To deliver feedback and report bugs, visit our official MAG forums at Go to the "MAG Beta Program 2010? subsection and choose to discuss your experience with fellow fans in the "Beta General Discussion" board, or describe any problems you may be having in the "Beta Issues and Bug Reports" board.

During this testing period, we're looking for as much feedback as possible - specifically in regards to the new Economy and Skills systems; including...

Economy feedback items

- Basic pricing of items - is it too cheap or too expensive?
- Level requirements for items - is it too low or high?
- Basic usability and layout - do you like/dislike it and why?

Skill feedback items

- Do any skills seem overpowered or underpowered?
- Skill placement - any skill branches too late/early in a tree?

Escalation Game-type

- Is it fun? If it isn't, why not? If it is, why is it?

On behalf of everyone at Zipper Interactive, thank you for your time and participation in the MAG Beta program. We hope you have fun!

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