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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    New Last Rebellion PS3 Screenshots Show More Aisha

    NIS and Hitmaker have thrown out some more new screenshots on the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive role-playing game, Last Rebellion.

    To quote: Instead of bringing some more of Nine, the game's male protagonist, into the picture, these screenshots tend to focus more on Aisha, the game's female protagonist.

    They don't look half-bad.

    Publisher NIS America hopes to release the game by the end of next summer.

    A few of the screens are available below, and check out the rest at the link above. Cheers!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    arcanh Guest
    man i dont have a ps3 already now, but i've loved this game

    i'll buy it with my ps3 *-* maybe at end of this year

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    ddrsteven311 Guest
    love the character design.. games looks good. i'll have to get it.

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