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    New Kojima Metal Gear Solid Magazine Ad Hint Surfaces

    With all the hype surround the NEXT Kojima Web site recently, a new "hint" from Kojima Productions surfaces in the form of a magazine ad.

    I'm sure people are hoping and anticipating the game to be MGS5. A video has been posted on youtube by a Japanese gamer who has his webcam pointed at an unusual Kojima Productions/Konami ad in the back of a Japanese magazine.

    The ad is very vague and unusual as you can see in the video linked, but watch what happens when the right Internet URL is opened on Kojima's NEXT Web site.

    Note: The URL now gives a 404 error.

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    what the... doesn't that looks a bit edited?

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    those guys are really making it suspenseful..

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    Think outside the box.

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    I don't know, but at least to me it feels like Konami is diluting the Metal Gear series and making it into a Fifa-like series. What a shame, but, well, it's their brand not mine.

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    To continue this story, Japanese 7-11 has released a new picture.

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    I hope they release some info at the e3

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    Would love to see ZOE 3!

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    mgs5.. cool!!! again with snake

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    i really hope its Metal Gear Solid 5..

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