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Thread: New God of War 3 Details Unveiled!

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    Starlight Guest

    New God of War 3 Details Unveiled!

    NeoCrisis Staff Member Ryan was able to get a few details about God of War 3 as follows:

    The graphics will be insane! It will feel like the game is real, or well really happening. The graphics will go well with the gameplay, the grapics wont take the attention away from the action. One word... amazing.

    The gameplay will be like no other God of War game. I heard that it will have a new fighting system. I've also heard of a free roam option in a few places but it's not confirmed, in other words if they run out of money, no free roam.

    Story Mode/Campaign:
    It will have a new storyline, whole new missions. Might have about 5 or 6 parts (depends on the storyline) and each part will have 5 acts (like Gears of War 2). They might allow you to play as multiple main characters. Unlike the other God of War games the final boss/bosses will be way harder if the storyline is easy.

    They might allow you to cuztomize your chracter and create custom weapons. They might have the basic team deathmatch and other game modes. Really fun!

    New everything
    Great Graphics
    Awsome gameplay
    Great Game
    Great online help (Staff, administration etc.)

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    Jimlesh Guest
    Still a long way of from release, will be interesting see how they implement online.

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    mrhawk Guest
    sounds amazing, I hope they keep the harder dificulties, loved the challenge. online would be cool... imagine some "classses" based on the gods/weapons.

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    f02um Guest
    Is it going to be a 2008 release? Cant wait for this game.... another must have with GTA4, MGS4..... GOW3!!!

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    cjroderiques Guest
    Ya i cant wait for this game. i have god of war 1 and 2 and they are the greatest games i have ever played. the graphics on them are insane so i can only guess what the graphics are going to be like.

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