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Thread: New G.I. Joe Screens Available, Details in GamePro April '09 Issue

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    New G.I. Joe Screens Available, Details in GamePro April '09 Issue

    GamePro is set to unleash the first ever details of MAG for the PS3 in their April 2009 edition. The game is reportedly due out within the 2009 fiscal year.

    Additionally, details on the upcoming G.I. Joe the video game (which picks up after the events of the upcoming film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) are revealed for the first time including an in-depth look at playable characters, gameplay details, as well as information on the new G.I. Joe graphic novel and animated show.

    To quote: Check out this handful of exclusive G.I. Joe screens that reveal what the game looks like in real time.

    GamePro's April 2009 cover feature is dedicated to G.I. Joe the video game! The story is loaded with tons of details and screens of not only the game but a new animated series, toys, and graphic novel series.

    Get your first taste of the explosive G.I. Joe content below with these first three screens of the game.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    well hopefully they don't make this game bomb like they have most movies to games. I think I am looking forward to the movie more so than the game.

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