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Thread: New FragFX v2 FPS Controller Coming to PlayStation 3

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    JeffJ Guest

    New FragFX v2 FPS Controller Coming to PlayStation 3

    Digital Battle claims that a new controller dubbed the FragFX v2 is coming to the PlayStation 3, one which better emulates the mouse-and-keyboard combination which PC users have long touted as superior to console controls when it comes to first-person shooters.

    And as an aside, I'm not claiming them right or wrong, as it's really not my genre, so I can't really vouch either way.

    To quote: A new peripheral for the PS3 is being released in ninety days that'll allow console gamers to achieve a slice of that pinpoint accuracy.

    It's actually two controllers, and unfortunately for any lefties it's obviously designed only for right handed gamers as the buttons on the mouse are located on the left side for easy thumb access. The other controller is a bit like a Wiimote, with its own analog stick and d-pad.

    I would definitely take this one with a grain of salt - the article claims it will be out in 90 days. Sure, we may very well see something in that time, but given the multiple delays I wouldn't hold my breath.

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    the v2 product came out at the beginning of february 2009

    It s not so accurate as a real keyboard and mouse ... lots of lag in the mouse

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    Tsusai Guest
    I'm a user of the XIM 1, where with the appropriate PS2->PS3 adapter, I have GREAT FPS experiences with my laptop keyboard and USB mouse. The level of configuration for individual games is very helpful, especially with dead zones. I personally cannot stand using a gamepad in a FPS, but after 15 minutes of setup to get it just right, I was able to breeze through Resistance Demo, and Army Of Two.

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    seed143 Guest
    i own frag fx v1 and its great controller when you are playing fps game. its hard for me to use sixasix when playing fps game like cod wow, r1 or r2 ect.. but its all about comfortable when using a controller. I use to play mouse and keyboard in fps game like CS, halflife ect in pc since i was in grade school.i got frag fx v1 last feb 2009 i own a lot of people in cod wow. the controller is great in sniping too!

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    carbs77 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsusai View Post
    I personally cannot stand using a gamepad in a FPS
    Completely agree, I don't play FPS games due to my inability (my thumbs just don't work that well) to use the controller accurately... Give me a mouse any day.

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