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    New Flash-based 12GB PS3 Console Hits US and Canada for $199.99

    Today the previous PlayStation 3 rumors have been confirmed as a new flash-based 12GB PS3 console has been spotted on retailer shelves in both the US and Canada for $199.

    Below are the details, to quote: "Following its release in Europe last year, the heavily rumored Flash-based PlayStation 3 is now on sale in the United States and Canada, The Verge has confirmed.

    Sony's first low-storage model of the venerable console is now on shelves at Best Buy selling for $199.99. It's also available for sale at Canadian retailer Future Shop.

    Sony had resisted selling a lower-capacity console in light of its emphasis on digital game and media downloads, even though Microsoft has always offered a low-storage Xbox 360. Both systems support adding additional storage through USB."

    Finally, from Sony Hardware Associate Brand Marketing Manager Crystal MacKenzie:

    At PlayStation, we want to provide the best place to play. That’s why today, we are pleased to announce the North American launch of our brand new PS3 12GB System for $199.99 (MSRP). This new 12GB system is the perfect way to play exclusive titles found only on PlayStation*, and to get access to the entertainment services offered through PSN - all for an incredible value.

    Now is the ideal time to jump into PS3, as it’s been a tremendous year with some of the most highly rated PS3 games ever released, including the critically acclaimed survival-action game The Last of Us. And there are more highly-anticipated titles still to come such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls, Diablo III and Gran Turismo 6.

    Also, let’s not forget some of the great indie titles you’ve been hearing about including Hotline Miami, Ibb and Obb, and Divekick. According to Metacritic, PS3 has the highest-rated exclusive game library this generation, and our newest model will make it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on all of these great titles.

    In addition to this unmatched lineup of games, PS3 offers the most compelling entertainment options, from the built-in Blu-ray player for watching HD movies to a variety of streaming entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Music Unlimited, and VidZone, all of which are accessible with a free** SEN account.

    Will you be picking up the PS3 12GB system? What PS3 games are you looking forward to this fall? Sound off below!

    *Digital versions of certain games require purchase of additional memory capacity.
    **Internet service, subscriptions and content sold separately.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kalberto Guest
    12GB ?? only max. saving gamedata 2 - 3 games ? and can not install PSN game more than 12GB ??

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    Sostanco Guest
    12 gb hdd was riculous, hope you can manually upgrade it, 500 gb hdd have lower price now.

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    elser1 Guest
    thats right. you buy this then a game or 2 and then you need there hdd upgrade for another $100 lol

    why anyone would buy a new ps3 now for that price is beyond me with ps4 around the corner..

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    aldostools Guest
    This 12GB model makes sense only if Sony plans to release a FW update with an option to install games/game data on an external USB drive, like XBOX 360 or CFW.

    Or they just want cash from stingy/ignorant customers or maybe it's intended for movie lovers with no interest on games.

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    croft72 Guest
    Be it UK, Canada, US or anywhere else, its seems odd for Sony to release a console with such small storage space. At least the better news about this is that you can still install a 2.5" laptop HDD into this new model, format it and go on using it from there. It will just no longer allow you to use to 12gb built in flash card anymore but that will be no major loss in my opinion.

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    aldostools Guest
    If it still let you install a 2.5" laptop HDD, then that model is not that bad... many users replace the HDD with 1TB... even 300GB is not enough.

    It seems a good option for people with YLOD (they already have a HDD in the dead console).

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