Today Japanese Magazine Famitsu has published some new Final Fantasy XIII screenshots for both PS3 and XBox 360.

A few are available below with the rest HERE, and to quote from their page picture captions, roughly translated:

Final Fantasy XIII's character is 14 year old boy! The boy was killed and his mother will cherish his revenge.

"The world of the future lead crystal" theme of the series and 13 series, Final Fantasy XIII's. RESHI be chosen "RUSHI" Lightning in a brand of hero, while his friends assume the mission of RUSHI also will face a harsh fate. The first introduces a new character join the party. The One who wait, and the cruel and terrible fate.

Name of new party members, ESUTOHAIMU Hope. Cocoon people appointed for life to the environment, has been living in the most common 14-year-old boy. However, my mother lost a battle in the holy office and to rule the cocoon, to embrace the spirit of revenge against Snow dispute involving the mother.

"Farsi" was given a mission called the present. RUSHI it. Hope the new character, and their pattern RUSHI the Lightning. In addition, the SAZZU is a brand of RUSHI engraved. The emblem was chosen as a sign RUSHI, it will lure someone into a severe fight them.

RUSHI mission, should the deadline seems to have been established. If you can not fulfill its mission, RUSHI "Si skeleton" of a monster called a burn. The system leaves the remnants of his skeleton was human, they do not have any feelings. But that's only the miserable fate RAERU trapped alive indefinitely.

Battle screen and a new arrival. Lightning KURI SHI skills that are not new techniques to create a series of traditional "ERIABURASUTO", which involve the nature of the enemy. The battle in the film, the enemy to change its position according to the circumstances, it would need the skills to hang out away from the enemy.

New friends, Hope is a weapon used by the boomerang. But not just throw, and hold up a hand to throw it threw the enemy into another, and often do the homing attack the enemy. The vanilla and the character of Hope is a long range attack, when to attack to get away from the enemy position.

Vanilla usually be folded arms, like the horns of a deer is deployed to combat. From the tip, the injection is to attack the wires. The tip of the wire with a needle and divided into two legs, KKAKE damage to the enemy.

Was confirmed that attacks such as magic and fire BURIZADO so far, and were also revealed with new face PUROTESU aid system of magic. PUROTESU, magic defense boost the well-known series. Face the other hand, the past work has appeared three times in a magical, FFXIII, they have a magical power boost effect.

[imglink=|New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots from Famitsu Available][/imglink]
[imglink=|New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots from Famitsu Available][/imglink]
[imglink=|New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots from Famitsu Available][/imglink]
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