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    Apr 2005

    New DivX Plus Software Update Targets PS3 via MKV Conversion

    Today porfitron mailed in to let us know about the recent DivX Plus Software for Windows update, as the latest version targets the PlayStation 3 entertainment system with MKV video conversion.

    The new DivX Plus Player now has DivX to Go, which will move/convert video files to a USB drive or CD/DVD disc for free... all you do is drag the video onto the PS3 icon.

    The simple 5 Step outline is below, with the full guide available linked above or from HERE.

    Step 1 - Download and Install the Free DivX Plus Software
    Step 2 - Add your MKV video to the DivX Plus video library
    Step 3 - Drag the video file to the PlayStation 3 icon
    Step 4 - Follow the Transfer Wizard and Insert a USB or Disc
    Step 5 - Let DivX to Go Finish, and Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ninjazin Guest


    Is it not easier (and faster) just using tsMuxer and remuxing the mkvs to m2ts or creating avchds?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Only MKV? That limits its uses a lot. Most people don't even have MKV videos.

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    spuddle Guest
    meh...mkv2vob already does this in a couple o clicks, and is really fast... I'm sure the people who need this already have their solution.

    still, all about choice I suppose.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Nice move... although mkv2vob is 8 minutes faster for converting the same file.

    Might need some fine tuning.

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    proskopina Guest
    i use mkv2vob and is fast enough!! i try also divx to see!!! thanks

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    thedoginthewok Guest
    I think, what would really useful for the PS3 was native MKV Support.

    mkv is the videocontainer of the future.

    Most HD Warez are stored in MKV Containers.

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    bluetba Guest
    Am I missing something here, I copied an 8gb mkv file onto my ps3 and it played it, so what would I gain from doing this?

    Normally I run ps3meadiaserver on my pc and then access that via the PS3, this way I get HD and it also keeps DTS (if available) in the stream so I get 5.1 surround sound through the optical port as well - but on top of that I get loads of storage for my films 1tb at the moment but in reality its endless.

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    sika Guest
    Don't ps3's have a Fat/Fat32 Hdd with around a 4gb file size limit, so what your saying is not possible?

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    bluetba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sika View Post
    Don't ps3's have a Fat/Fat32 Hdd with around a 4gb file size limit, so what your saying is not possible?
    Yes you are right, I had this conversation with someone else, I actually took pictures of it to show it on there, I copied the file over, shutdown the pc and then made sure that the MKV file is in the "video" container on the PS3, clicked on it and watched the whole of district9 1080 without any gaps and in hd.

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