Executive Producer Larry Liberty has announced today that new DC Universe Online PS3 DLC dubbed The Battle for Earth is coming tomorrow!

To quote: Tomorrow we are launching our largest, most impressive DLC pack yet with The Battle for Earth.

There's a lot to like in this new pack: three Duos, an Alert, two Raids, new gear and rewards and an incredible new power set - Earth Powers - that lets you deal damage or play the Tank role in an exciting new way.

My personal favorite new Raid is set in Themyscira, the ancestral home of Wonder Woman. Our team of talented artists did an amazing job crafting this beautiful new zone, and the design team went above and beyond in creating a cooperative combat experience that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

You and your friends will need to use all of your skill and a lot of strategy in order to conquer this Raid and take down Brainiac's Avatar of Magic. The Battle for Earth culminates with a major showdown against Braniac, and sets the stage for a new chapter in the game's ongoing narrative. I can give you one hint: Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman will be key players in the future of DCUO.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our players, and welcome all of the new folks. We continue to grow and attract thousands of new players every day. That's good news for everyone as far as I'm concerned. The more people that play the game the richer the experience we can offer.

The team is working hard to address feedback from the community and will continue to issue regular game updates, along with quarterly DLC pack releases.

It is an incredibly exciting time for DCUO as we're going to be introducing some great new features this year and I can't wait to share the details with you. See you in-game!

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