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Thread: New DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes Today

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    New DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes Today

    Sony Online Entertainment Executive Director of Development Lorin Jameson has announced that the new DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack Lightning Strikes hits PSN today.

    To quote: Today we're celebrating not only the launch of our second DLC Pack, Lightning Strikes, but also the amazing success that we've had since making the Free-to-Play transition just over a month ago.

    Bottom line, there are a whole lot more of you out there playing DCUO. And apparently you're having a good time, because most of you - more than 85%, in fact - are returning again and again for adventures in Gotham City and Metropolis.

    You may have seen a few weeks ago when we announced that more than one million new players had jumped in to DCUO since the launch of Free-to-Play. That number is definitely larger now, and growing by roughly 6% each day. We love seeing all of the new heroes and villains in game, and hope you and your friends keep coming back to experience the great new adventures we have planned for the coming year.

    But enough bragging! You probably want to know what's going on with the new DLC, which hits PlayStation Store tomorrow. Lightning Strikes has something fun for players of all levels. You can amp up with the new Electricity power set, which offers supercharged new ways to heal yourself and your allies, and also gives you some pretty devastating damage abilities. Make sure to create a new character and see how fun this new power can be.

    Everyone will also get a chance to chase down some new bounties. Members of the Teen Titans, such as Cyborg, Kid Flash and Starfire, and the Rogues, including Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Trickster are on the loose, and you and your friends can earn some great rewards for taking them down.

    For the high-level players, Lightning Strikes introduces a new map for you to fight in and a tough new combat duo, both of which revolve around Barry Allen, otherwise known as The Flash. The Central City map lets you get a glimpse of The Flash's home city, which is having some problems thanks to a quickly unraveling Speed Force.

    In this new zone you will find a number of solo and group missions, tons of combat, and probably even some members of the opposite faction to fight. The Flashback Duo sends you and a friend on a critical mission to help save The Flash himself.

    Travel back in time via the Speed Force to the night Barry Allen gets struck by lightning, and stop the sinister forces trying to prevent the rise of the Scarlet Speedster. And let's not forget that Lightning Strikes also introduces some great new gear for you to grab.

    Thank you, and welcome, to all of our new players. We hope to see more of you in game soon. I mean, why not jump in and try it out? It's free! Happy Holidays, everyone.

    [imglink=|New DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes Today][/imglink]
    [imglink=|New DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes Today][/imglink]
    [imglink=|New DC Universe Online PS3 DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes Today][/imglink]
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    syphonlord Guest
    Seems as this game was a free download from psn i downloaded it all 15 gigs worth, and haven't even been able to get a game always says you are 554 in line to join this lobby its ridiculous. Sort it out! Had this game about three weeks and still no joy gonna delete it soon. Feel much better now i've had me moan lol

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    That's strange - which servers are you trying to join?

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