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    A New Batch of Killzone 2 BETA Invites Are Being Sent Out

    According to PS3FanBoy (linked above), a new batch of Killzone 2 BETA Invites are being sent out today for both North America and Europe.

    To quote: It's time to play "check your email," kids! It looks like members of the PlayStation Underground have started to receive invitations to the Killzone 2 BETA.

    With R2 now on store shelves, Sony's starting the hype machine for their next big FPS game, due in early 2009.

    It'll be interesting to see which game PS3 fans will align themselves with.

    Once again, take a look at your e-mail for an invite looking like this. Scour through your spam folder if you have to! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Anyone know how you get in on this beta?

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    It appears you have to be a member of the PlayStation Underground and then get randomly selected to get an invitation.

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