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    Bakke Guest

    NES Emulator for PS3 via BD-J Format released!

    Bu-nyan has coded the first Nintendo emulator in BD-J format for the PlayStation 3, dubbed "PS3Filer Ver 0.0.3".

    This java application has basic key input through the SixAxis controller. There isn't sound yet, but this is a good start.

    This application also displays PNG, JPEG and GIF files.

    Download: PS3 NES Emu (BD-J) (PS3Filer Ver 0.0.3)

    Check the video where it shows the Super Mario Bros. ROM running at decent speed.


    To quote: I found out earlier today that this a NES emulator! Here is how to get it running.

    1. Download the file

    2. Extract the the folder in the compressed file to the main root of a USB device or memory stick

    3. Place the ROMs you would like to play into the main folder you have just extracted to the root

    4. Go to the Video section in the XMB on your PS3

    5. You will need to click the USB or memory stick you have chosen

    6. Select the BD-J homebrew game

    7. Next, you will be brought to a file viewer in which, you may choose ROMs

    8. Now the game will start. Press the triangle button then go to the numeric pad

    9. The 1 on the pad stands for select and the 2 acts as start

    10. You may now press triangle and enjoy the game More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This appears to be an update of the earlier one tmaster posted here:

    PS3 BD-J Discussion thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ne...d-99451-4.html

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