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Thread: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo Out Today on PSN, Five Tips

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    Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo Out Today on PSN, Five Tips

    Criterion Games Community Manager Jeremy Chubb has confirmed that the Need for Speed Most Wanted demo is out today on PSN with five tips for fans below!

    To quote: Need for Speed Most Wanted is now out, and today we're celebrating 1 million Autolog users with the release of the PlayStation 3 demo. We're bringing PlayStation.Blog the inside track on what new players should look for, and how to dominate the Most Wanted demo.

    Making a demo for a large-scale open world game is a major challenge. We wanted to put together a snapshot of Most Wanted's blend of exploration, connected competition and explosive, over-the-top police chase action to give you a taste of what to expect from the main game.

    The action takes place in a locked down version of the city - you get to play in Fairhaven's Downtown and Four Bridges districts. These areas are loaded with billboards, jumps, speed cameras and hidden cars.

    The game kicks you off in Aston Martin's beautiful V12 Vantage. Race to the first location, and we'll bust out the classic Porsche 911 Carrera S.

    Explore the city further, and you'll find a "Jack Spot" with Audi's flagship R8 Spyder. Park and hit triangle to instantly switch. It's as easy as that. In the main game, it's the same deal but on a grand scale. There are over a hundred Jack Spots to locate and discover cars.

    Add a friend to Autolog, and we'll bust out the final car of the demo, the fan-favorite Ford Focus RS500. And you definitely want to do this. Not only because the RS500 is a truly pimp car, but because just like the full game, our demo is all about Autolog.

    Most Wanted is all about Speed Points. Everything you do in the game earns them - from online multiplayer, to escaping the cops, to cruising the city looking for cars and records to beat. Earn more than your friends to reach the top of your Most Wanted List.

    Here are five easy tips for you guys to make racking up the maximum 50,000 demo Speed Points a breeze.

    • Most Wanted is an open world game. When racing, keep an eye on the mini map in the bottom left of the screen to avoid missing crucial turns.

    • Look out for gas stations. Drive through these to clean, repair and respray your car. If you're taking a beating during a race or cop pursuit, these can make all the difference between first and last place, or escape and arrest.

    • Win the "Keys to the City" event to unlock the Burn Nitrous modification. Equip it and then fill your nitrous gauge by driving against the flow, hitting jumps or taking down your opponents.

    • The end of the second event finishes at a gas station. Behind it, you'll find the R8 Spyder. It's all-wheel-drive with a strong rear-wheel bias. Its planted, manageable handling combines beautifully with the AWD to give a little extra off road performance. Perfect for shaking the cops or hitting those billboards with a dirt run-up.

    • With the cops on your tail, get out of sight and hit L3 to switch off the engine. You'll enter Cool Down and reduce your Wanted gauge fast.

    [imglink=|Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo Out Today on PSN, Five Tips][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo Out Today on PSN, Five Tips][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo Out Today on PSN, Five Tips][/imglink]
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    This reminds me of "good old days" when Burnout Paradise demo went live on PSN store - a way in advance of teh actual release of the game. Those countles hours spent playing it online, jumping ramps on the beach ... might give this one try as well. Pitty Sony or Criterion doesn't offer any crossbuys between PS3 and Vita versions - both are way overpriced IMO.

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