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    nDreams Reveals Pirate Galleon PlayStation Home Space

    A few weeks ago nDreams (the Xi Team) hinted that they were working on some new PlayStation Home spaces.

    Today, Patrick O'Luanaigh's Twitter account revealed one of their next projects, titled Pirate Galleon.

    Below is an image for the upcoming Home space, and to quote:

    "Argh. Our server just went down.... seems the pirate shot was quite popular :)"

    "Preview of an exciting forthcoming nDreams Home space ONLY on this Twitter feed next week... *drum roll*"

    nDreams Reveals Pirate Galleon PlayStation Home Space

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    This space looks uber cool, and a nice change, hopefully Sony will ask developers to create a theme park and more scenic spaces, theres too many buildings etc in home, something of the wilderness would be nice, high mountains etc, or say a lake resort up in a mountain, would be awesome, rant over.

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