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    PS3 Square Button NBA 2K7 1080p and Free Throw Shakes?

    I just got NBA 2K7 and on the back of case said support 1080P, however in the game only show up 720P. What's up with that? :?? BTW my TV does support 1080P also using HDMI cable.

    Also, is just me or happens to other people when play with 2 or more players or online play, right at the scene of free throw, the screen will shake?

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    the screen shaking is a feature to distract the free throw shooter. if you shake the ps3 controller when another person is shooting it makes the screen shake.

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    did you enable 1080p in the dash?

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    I have tried it on 720p and 1080i, and 1080i is far better on 2k7. Just make sure you set the ps3 at 1080i or 1080p as default, then it will show up

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    In the end, I made the game run on 1080P by turning off 720P and 1080I and only leave 1080P on. When I played other game, I have to turn it back on. It was a little annoying.

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    Can anyone post the roster updates for nba 2k7. I can't seem to find a working one on the internet, and I dont have internet access at my apt.

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