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    NBA 2K12 Introduces On The Move - PlayStation Move Exclusive

    Today 2K Games Community Manager Ronnie Singh has shared details of NBA 2K12 for PS3, which introduces On The Move - exclusively for Sony's PlayStation Move below!

    To quote: NBA 2K11 was an enormous success for us as we brought Michael Jordan back to the virtual hardwood for the first time in years. That was followed by extremely remarkable reviews, many calling NBA 2K11 "the greatest sports game of this generation".

    People asked how we could possibly come close to matching last year's success. It started with unprecedented success at E3 where we picked up multiple Best of E3 Nominees/Awards and even had NBA superstar Kobe Bryant show off NBA 2K12 using the Move at the PlayStation Press Conference.

    Many have said we've achieved the impossible, somehow surpassing 2K1. And with launch Tuesday, the hype is at a fever pitch. This game is better than ever, and this past Friday's IGN score of 9.5, saying "NBA 2K12 has dethroned its predecessor as the BEST basketball game of all time."

    How have we accomplished this? In addition to our innovative gameplay controls and unrivalled realistic NBA action, this year, we decided to above and beyond last year, not saving any punches. Yes, Michael Jordan is back but this year he is bringing some friends to NBA 2K12 (in stores in the US 10/4/2011, internationally 10/7/2011).

    How many friends? How about 14 of the greatest: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jaabar, Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Bill Russell, Jerry West, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, Oscar Robertson, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Wilt Chamberlain, and John Stockton.

    All the legends have a game against one of their fiercest rivals in the new "NBA's Greatest" mode.
    Each game in the NBA's Greatest Mode will have its own look and feel depending on the era it took place in.

    Our gameplay and presentation teams have painstakingly researched player tendencies, rule changes, and even era-specific television presentational styles for these games.

    It's really an astounding experience to play a game in grainy black & white with no 3PT shots, old-school scorers tables, baskets, and of course, the shortest of shorts. You'll be doing that in NBA 2K12, and let me tell you, it's a lot of fun! You can read about how each of the "NBA's Greatest" games/match-ups here.

    But NBA 2K12 also has a brand new feature on PlayStation 3 called "On The Move," obviously using the PlayStation Move. Recently, I got the chance to interview one of our Producers, Ben Bishop, to provide some exclusive info to those that follow the PlayStation Blog.

    Ben was influential in making this feature a lot of fun and a cool experience for 2K veterans and newbies alike. After Ben gives you some background on the use of Move, I will share some other features to be unveiled in NBA 2K12. So without further adieu, here are highlights from our conversation:

    Hey Everyone, Ben Bishop here. I'm one of the Producers who worked on NBA 2K12. I was fortunate enough to be involved with many different facets of the game this year. Probably one of the most unique and exciting though, and the thing that I'm here to give some details on today, is our NBA On the Move feature, exclusively available for you fine readers of the PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation 3 gamers everywhere.

    While we supported the Move controller in NBA 2K11, we really felt like there was something more we could do there. In particular, we wanted to get away from the standard gesture-based controls that many sports games have used and, instead, figure out a way to utilize the Move that wasn't so involved. Let's face it, waving your arms around for an entire game can get old quickly, so it made sense to pick our spots a little better and choose ways, that used the precision of the Move, work best.

    Additionally, we wanted something that could appeal to newer fans of the series. The standard gameplay controls have an unbelievable amount of depth, with nuances that can take quite a bit of practice to master. This can be daunting to inexperienced users so, hopefully, NBA On the Move will create just the opposite effect.

    While we hope that players, of any skill level, will quickly be able to feel like a superstar in this mode, that doesn't mean we didn't include our typical extra layer for anyone who wants to take it to another level. There is a whole set of advanced Move controls, that really deepen the experience and can make a huge difference the more you play the game, which I'll detail below.

    But one last thing before getting into some more of the control: It's worth mentioning that we created a specific NBA On the Move mode just for this feature. We really felt like it was something that needed to stand on its own. It's the type of experience that really shines when you've got some friends over, so we wanted it to become a specific destination rather than a side feature that gets lost in the midst of all the other regular game modes.

    Okay, enough background. Now it's time to jump into what NBA On the Move is all about. To start with, the entire mode is driven by the use of the Move controller pointer. You use your controller to point directly at the players on the court you want to interact with. Along with that, there are two additional essential buttons to worry about - the Move button on the top of the controller, and the T button on the back.

    Here is the breakdown of the basic controls:

    Offense (Basic)
    Move Button - Pass (when pointing cursor at teammate)
    Move Button - Drive (when pointing cursor at basket)
    T Button - Shoot
    T Button (Quick Tap) - Pump Fake

    Defense (Basic)
    Move Button - Steal (with player closest to ball handler)
    T Button - Block/Rebound (when pointing cursor at player)

    One of the most unique aspects of NBA On the Move is that you focus on the things that matter most - passing, shooting, stealing/blocking, and rebounding. We've spent years refining our AI and doing everything we could to get it to play a smart and realistic game of basketball. And in this mode, you really get to see it shine. In many ways, NBA On the Move is like the perfect hybrid of a Coach Mode and playing the game in the standard way.

    And to all of you NBA 2K veterans, don't fret. As I mentioned before, there is a whole extra level of controls that allow you to influence player movement and really get into more of the subtleties of the game if you so desire.

    Here's the breakdown of the advanced controls, starting with offense:

    Offense (Advanced)
    Square - Drive/Cut to Basket (when pointing cursor at player)
    X - Alley-Oop (when pointing cursor at player)
    O - Pick and Roll (when pointing cursor at player)
    Triangle - Post Up (when pointing cursor at player)
    Move Button - Lead Pass (when pointing cursor into open space near teammate)
    Notice that you can get players to do things like cut, set picks, and post-up, and you can even throw up alley-oops or guide them into open space with the Lead Pass feature.
    And now, here are the advanced defense controls:
    Defense (Advanced)
    Square - Toggle Team Defense (Trap/Press/Man-to-Man)
    X - Take Charge (when pointing cursor at player)
    O - Toggle Individual Defensive Pressure (when pointing cursor at player)
    Triangle - Double Team (when pointing cursor at player)
    Select - Intentional Foul

    Run different styles of defense depending on the situation and the match-ups, call for double teams, or instruct your players on how tight to play or when to stand their ground and take a charge. There is a variety of ways for you to influence the action.

    As you can see, anyone should be able to pick up a Move controller and play NBA On the Move using just the two basic buttons. This was evidenced by a demo we did a few months back at E3. Former NBA 2K cover athlete Kobe Bryant was kind enough to stop by and show everyone an early preview of the mode, and he jumped on stage with essentially no practice and was able to start making plays after only a brief period of adjustment.

    But again, there is a lot more to it than that. It is definitely a new and unique way to play NBA 2K12, and whether you've got some friends over and want to sit down on the couch and see who's best, or if you simply want to take on the CPU and player-coach your way to victory, the choice is yours.

    It's a great alternative to the standard simulation basketball you'll get everywhere else in the game that we've built up for years. So pick up a Move controller and give it a try - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I want to thank Ben Bishop for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give us insight on how to get the most out of using the Move. I have been playing "On the Move" and it's a really extraordinary time. I am sure you hardcore fans and people new to the franchise will also enjoy.

    I want to mention a few other features that are making waves in the gaming industry. Now that I've discussed "NBA's Greatest" and how you get the use of deep rosters of 34 legendary teams (more than 400 players in all) at the beginning of the blog, you'll be ready to play and see what the Greatest of All Time is when the game hits stores October 4th.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Wait, you can play NBA2K11 with the move?

    Anyways what was so good about NBA 2K11 that made it "the greatest sports game of this generation"?, it just felt like another basketball game for me.

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    This game is going to be amazing. My preorder is in and lets hope the players can come to an agreement soon. We are already missing the preseason and this looks like all the nba i am gonna see for awhile.

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Wait, you can play NBA2K11 with the move?

    Anyways what was so good about NBA 2K11 that made it "the greatest sports game of this generation"?, it just felt like another basketball game for me.
    Really? Maybe for me 2k11 was the best basketball game I had ever played. Bringing Jordan back plus the fluidity of shooting were milestones in this genre. sure you could be number 23 in other titles, but the fact that you could emulate Jordan with all his trademark moves and gestures was paramont for die-hard fans.

    2k11 also brought about pickup games online where you played with four other players on your team. The Slam dunk, rookie games and of course franchise and d-league modes balanced out the great online play. This title was a milestone for this genre.

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    Yes really, I'm not a big NBA fan, so bringing Jordan back was nothing really big, it was more of a marketing tool for me. Just like NBA 2000 where its main selling point was bringing Michael Jordan back in the game. It was kinda cool to have Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11 though, and all these extra online features were also pretty cool. But those changes don't come close to making it "the greatest sports game of this generation" imo.

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    I wonder what improvements they might have form the lat one.

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    Aug 2011
    I tried the NBA2k12 demo and it is amazing, although you can only play one quarter of the match. I can not wait to play the full game.

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    Yeah, it has been like that for every NBA 2K demo . Just play it 4 times to play a match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Yes really, I'm not a big NBA fan, so bringing Jordan back was nothing really big, it was more of a marketing tool for me. Just like NBA 2000 where its main selling point was bringing Michael Jordan back in the game. It was kinda cool to have Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11 though, and all these extra online features were also pretty cool. But those changes don't come close to making it "the greatest sports game of this generation" imo.
    In 2000 NBA LIVE brought Jordan back. he had never been in a 2K game before until last year. just number 23 or 45. unless you count when he played for the wizards but we wont go into that. lol.

    Still this looks to be a great year for sports titles. Thank goodness Activision or Konami don't make this genre anymore. It looks like NBA ELITE is not coming back this year. I guess you can stick a fork in EA's dominance of this genre.

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